For more than 30 years, Protonindo Citra Group has expanded as a loudspeaker manufacturer in Indonesia with its own manufacturing facilities.

Protonindo has own facilities to make a voice coil, cone injection and injection frame and produce speaker box itself, we also produce POWER AMPLIFIER and Audio PRO.


  • PT. Protonindo Citra as a manufacturing company and distributing electronic products, audio video and sound systems in Indonesia.
  • Become a world-class company that provides the best product experience to customers through the support of reliable human resources and products that always follow the development of the world market.

Our Mision

Providing the best products that are value for money and beneficial to

  • Continuously providing high-quality products and services and meeting
    customer needs by providing the best sales program.
  • Become the most profitable company with operational excellence.
  • To develop competent human resources by creating a good work environment to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Strengthening relationships with vendors, distributors and other sales networks through better communication and cooperation.
  • Providing the highest quality products and services, by implementing Quality Policy strictly.

Featured Company

PT. PROTONINDO CITRA apply work procedures with international standards. All lines are carried out by employees who are professionals in their fields and assisted with the latest technology so as to produce high quality goods.

One of the use of CNC machines in the manufacture of wooden speaker boxes, with thistechnology the factory is able to make boxes in large quantities and with precise dimensions.